Dog Security

Straight Security Ltd specialize in providing professional dog security services to ensure public safety and customer satisfaction to a broad range of clients and sectors.

At Straight Security, we continually train our dog handlers to the latest standards to ensure our service maintains its high standards. We research new ways we can improve our services through meetings with the correct professionals and customer feedback.

Our clients mainly choose to utilize our dog security services in situations where a large area of land needs to be patrolled and the full perimeter of the site needs to be checked. These areas can include:

  • Corporate offices: Where issues cannot be resolved solely by a static guard
  • Unoccupied land: Where intruders may have taken occupancy
  • High-crime areas: Where the added threat of a security dog is required
  • Drug detection: Where an expert dog senses and handler experience is needed
  • Large sites: Where the full perimeter needs to be covered

Why We Are The Best Guard Dogs around the country?

Dog security can provide a visual deterrent for your site and tackle the issues surrounding proactively protecting sites from damage, vandalism or burglary. The security dog plays a big part in alerting his/her handler to an intruder, who in return completes the necessary procedures to deal with the intruder. Our guard will also maintain rigorous access control for your site to ensure no unauthorized people will access your site. All-access must be pre-authorised.

Dog security resolves financial and operational issues of instructing a team of security guards to patrol your site. A dog handler and dog can provide an active solution to your issues by patrolling the area by foot and keeping alert for irregularities in the area and security concerns.

Why Choose Straight Security for Security Guard Dogs?

Our 24-hour control room requires the dog handler to send the office a text message when they begin and end their shift. The guard patrol software then accurately and effectively solves the issue of queries regarding the attendance of remote Staff through NFC technology.

All our staff are in uniform unless the occasion or event calls for plainclothes officers. We pride ourselves on our professional appearance and demeanor

Dog Security Features include:

  • Shows proof of attendance at the site (Sign in and sign out logins)
  • Shows evidence of regular patrols through NFC (Near Field Communication) tags installed around the site (small circular stickers which can be applied discreetly to ‘hot spots’ or high-risk areas that you want to be checked on each patrol)
  • Sends incident reports instantly
  • Takes and sends photographic evidence
  • Allows the control room to check that the guards hourly patrol and checkpoints have been completed through an online portal
  • Raises an automatic alarm in the control room for missed patrols and lone worker protection
  • Sends messages without a signal
  • Resolves lone worker issues

The two services combined sends a forceful message to criminals and trespassers that your site can not be accessed or tampered with without being caught by the dog, dog handler or the police.

Please call us on 0711253727 / 0723579453 or email us on to discuss your requirements further. Our account managers can assist you in providing you with a competitive quotation for your dog security needs. We can provide you with our services for events, short-term or on a long-term basis until your issues are resolved.

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